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The marine balance Coastal erosion The ecotourism

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First reef theme park in Europe

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The secret behind our artificial reefs

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European company specialized in the design, construction and assembly of artificial reefs and coastal protection modules.

It is not a simple process, but from Bassalto Arrecifes we manage the entire project from the design to the anchorage of the modules on the seabed, making sure that the reefs adapt perfectly to the project.

We believe that the key to a project of artificial reefs is to have defined the objectives of the project. Once these objectives are defined, it is possible to design and adapt the specific artificial reefs to each project.

Our Services


  • Development of the project concept
  • Custom elements

Design of economic, simple elements that allow for extensive assemblies for coastal protection
Design of more complex and decorative elements, customized to each project.

Our modules

We make

  • Manufacturing and Supply
  • Sale of artificial reefs and shipping
  • Manufacturing rights

We manufacture elements in concrete, with great resistance and longevity. Designed to attract life to its surface

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We install

  • Selection of the location and design of the location map of the reefs
  • Supervision and development of the project
  • Sinking of artificial reefs
  • We install and anchor the pieces in the background
  • ECOBUZO SL. professional diving company
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Spectacular design and personalized options

Bassalto has a large number of modules of different characteristics to adapt them to countless artificial reef projects. This facility of creation of thematic modules, provides a great eye-catching and attractive for the ecotourism of diving. They recreate great ancient columns, whale skeletons, sunken ships, surfaces for endure corals and, in general, any design that adapts to the needs of the environment.

Certified manufacturing process

All our modules are manufactured in our own factory, ensuring quality throughout the process. Ecological materials are used, in order not to contaminate the seabed once the reef is placed. It guarantees a great durability over time, so they do not need replacement, high strength, lightness and ease of placement. In addition to being easy to place, they are also easy to move, allowing you to vary the positioning to find the most suitable for the area to recover.

Quality materials

The materials we use to manufacture our artificial reefs are of high quality and ensure a longevity of more than We have spent 500 years coming up with. This unique feature guarantees a great economic savings, since it is not necessary to replace the reef every so often, nor breakage or deterioration of the material. A very common problem in artificial reef projects is the use of materials that oxidize and contaminate the waters, achieving an effect totally opposite to that intended. We are clear that a good reef module should not be something improvised, but perfectly studied so that it does not damage the environment in any way. And if there is any doubt about the disaster that can cause a bad attempt at marine recovery, you just have to look at the Next Article: See article.

Let's work on a project together!

Artificial reef in the ocean - Bassalto Artificial Reefs

What is a Artificial reef ?

It is called artificial reef to any structure or group of them constructed with suitable materials of diverse origin or useless elements for their original purpose, which are conditioned in predetermined places in depth and oceanographic conditions suitable for the protection and refuge of marine species, both of flora as of fauna of the benthic communities.

En Bassalto Artificial Reefs We manufacture elements in concrete, high strength, designed to attract life to its surface.

How to restore the marine balance?

Objectives of a Artificial reef


Create artificial submarine habitats for the attraction and concentration of fish and invertebrates.

Talk out

Install artificial deterrent or barrier reefs to prevent illegal fishing in prohibited areas, avoiding the deterioration of the coastal ecosystem of shallow waters.

to enrich

Enrich the topography of the coastal environment by providing new substrates.

Give Refuge

Create structures that serve as a refuge for species of commercial interest, both for adult specimens and their larvae and juveniles.

Promote fishing areas

Form additional fishing areas for the artisanal sector, increasing production and generating new sources of employment.

Generate biodiversity

Favor the increase of coastal biodiversity and its conservation.

To hinder illegal fishing

Make illegal fishing difficult and stop the fishing pressure on some species.

Spaces of life

Create new spaces for life in benthic communities.

Our elements are mobile

It is never known for what purposes the seabed can be used in the future. Throughout history there have been several examples in which artificial reefs have been installed, which over the years have generated financial problems due to the development of new purposes in the area where they were placed.

Economic benefits

Economic benefits through ecotourism.


Repopulate schools of depleted fish and rebuild fishing areas.


We understand that plastic waste is a big problem on land and sea. Bassalto Arrecifes uses recyclable materials to improve marine biodiversity and regenerate ecosystems around the world.

Advantages of artificial reefs - Bassalto reefs

Soon after being submerged artificial reefs are colonized by algae on its surface and surroundings, then begin to be colonized by some invertebrates, then fish come and these in turn attract any sea creature, coming to be considered as a true marine community, after the time and adequate environmental and oceanographic requirements.


Let's work on a project together!


First reef theme park in Europe

Due to pollution, overfishing and climate change, the ecosystem is being altered, so we have looked for a system that helps to recover the marine balance, combining it with activities of ecotourism; something that nobody had done effectively before.

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About About us

Bassalto Reefs

We are located in Córdoba, Spain and have developed artificial reef projects from 2014.

The company includes highly qualified personnel with extensive experience in prefabricated concrete, marine ecosystems and diving. Our vision is to be the leaders in the manufacture and installation of artificial reefs, for the rehabilitation of the seabed in Europe.

The priority of Bassalto Arrecifes is the Environmental sustainability marine with innovative solutions.

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We will help you with your project from the beginning.

Carrying out a project of marine recovery, prevention of coastal erosion, or creation of thematic reef parks can be complicated if one does not know where to look. Who to contact? What machinery to use? Where do I get the reefs for my project? What requirements do I need to start?

There are many questions, and these are often the brake for these important projects are carried out. But here we enter into action. Just by contacting us, you will have a expert team in the planning, design, manufacture and assembly of artificial reefs.

Making your project come true is to a single message away!

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